Thursday, September 30, 2010


Progress is happening!

Thought I'd post the WIP that has come from the thumbnails posted before. I recently finished my entry for Blizzards Blizzcon fanart contest, but won't be able to post that one up until October 22nd after they announce the winners. Fingers crossed!

Monday, September 13, 2010


We've started up illustration class again with Mike Bierek, which involves going through the various steps of creating a solid illustration with critique each week along the way. For this one, I decided to keep plugging away at my portfolio for Blizzard and work on a piece for one of my dungeon bosses, Lord Xavius.

The first part of the assignment was to do a set of very small, fast thumbnails which were readable at first glance and focused on composition.

The second part was to pick some of those thumbnails to take to the next level; larger linework thumbnails.

Of these three, I've decided to go with #1 for a few reasons that were pointed out:

- The low camera angle gives Xavius the large "boss" feel I'm going for. The purpose of this illustration is to showcase him as Big Bad Guy, and I think #1 does this best.

- The wing and rock shapes give the "danger" feel I want to convey.

- A lot of different lighting options.

Things that were pointed out that should be changed this week:

- Change horseman's position in order to make it a more engaged/confrontational scene

- Vary up the rock shapes

- Don't use the trick of putting his foot on the other side of the ground plane, put it up on a rock or something to include all of him rather than cutting him off at the ankles.