Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Happy Haps

Exciting things are going on in the art world lately, so I thought I'd share some with the (few) people who actually read this.

1. While I didn't make it into ImagineFX, a good friend and schoolmate of mine, Lake Hurwitz, did! So congrats to Lake. His work can be found here

2. Over at ArtOrder (which you should be reading, if you don't already), Jon Schindehette has touched on the importance of mentors in art. He has also put out a call for mentee applications. I thre my name in the hat, and so should any other aspiring artists who would like to take a crack at being mentored by someone who has a lot of experience and knowledge to pass along.

3. Blizzard is running their annual Blizzcon fanart contest again this year. The deadline is Sept. 27th and the prizes are pretty epic. Go check it out!

Been working mostly on my WoW project lately (and a series of Planeswalker fanart to submit to MtG someday), which I've decided to save for posting until it's done. Instead of leaking out images one or two at a time, I'd like to release the entire thing in one massive post. So that will be coming around March. However, I do have some designs for Queen Azshara that I decided against for several reasons.

And a quick sketch commission for a friend. I really need to work with pencils more.

I will start posting my studies here once I find time to scan them. Maybe I'll just copy Hannes, spread them out on the floor, and take a picture of them to save time.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Been busy lately getting this Azshara Project organized and fully under way. I have about 6 months to do over 150 designs and images, so it's going to be a crunch. I have faith that I'll get it done, as long as I don't get too caught up doing things like CGHub's awesome Megaman Redesign challenge.

Rush and Roll.exe in a fantasy setting:

Working on the warlock armor designs. I want to aim for a more integrated skin-type armor. I don't like this first rendition so much, but it's heading in the right direction. However, this is a WoW mockup, so everything need to be turned up to 11. Going to aim for more dynamic poses in the future as well.